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Food Waste and the Environment

40% percent of food doesn’t get eaten. Food waste is the 3rd largest producer of greenhouse gases. How can our food cycle make more sense? Can we create a pathway that ends hunger, wastes less food, creates food products, and cares for the envirornment?

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Fast Fashion and the Climate –

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. How can our clothes really be that bad? What can we do about it? Smart minds provide a solution to a cleaner, healthier wardrobe that doesn’t harm the planet.

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About Me

Hi, welcome to Little Blog About Science.

I started this blog as a passion project because I had a lot of science information for elementary students floating around in my head, and I wanted to store it in a single location. In doing so, it turned out better than I imagined. I hope that my thoughts have helped you in your science learning, as we all journey through elementary science together and explore the world.

And outerspace, and Pluto. 🙂

Speaking of the planets, head here for Magic School Bus science lessons

Let’s keep the journey going
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